Life Update!!!

I can't believe it's been so long I've written here. I got so preoccupied with ... (so many things, lol). But let's just say I'm back. I really needed to get a few things sorted personally and ensure I was doing the right things instead of just diving into all sort of things and dropping... Continue Reading →

Worth the Wait

Hello my awesome readers 😄😄😄, I appreciate all your reading support and feedback and I'm glad you have been enjoying your read so far. I've also got great news for us, le hubs has decided to share his own part of our relationship story (can I get a shout📣📣📣!!!). I know you will love that... Continue Reading →

Dreams come true (I)

2008 I didn't feel any attraction to him? What if he's the one? Could it be that I'm having too many expectations? "Oh, Lord give me a sign. I'm ready to submit to your will..." And then the dream - it was a clear answer to my simple prayer. 👌 I saw myself visiting the family... Continue Reading →

First Date Memoir 😍

Story time!!!  😀 I know a lot of people have memories of their first date but you see ours is quite funny. So I thought I'll give you a sneak peek into how it all began. So Tunde and I had grown to  become very good friends and we were getting closer. However, I was... Continue Reading →

A Shoulder to Lean on

"Lean on me when you're not strong And I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on" So, I'll be getting married in a a few weeks (Whoop! Whoop!!) and the lyrics of this song by Bill Withers (I've only just checked for the name of the singer, lol) literally describes our relationship. Yesterday, I shared... Continue Reading →

Why we fall out (of love)

We hear so many disheartening stories of ministries splitting, members changing churches, Facebook groups (including chistian groups) with so much drama, marriage counsellors getting divorced, group members throwing shades, gossip, malice etc. Many times happening within what we call the “body of Christ”. What is going on? What are we doing? Whom are we deceiving? Where is... Continue Reading →

My Queen Mother

57 years ago, the world welcomed a gorgeous Princess into the family of Pastor Micheal Babalola Oyeyemi and Mrs Felicia Modupe Oyeyemi. She grew up knowing so much love and care and discipline from this awesome duo. So much love that her Father was even well known by the porters and hall members of her... Continue Reading →

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