Worth the Wait

Hello my awesome readers 😄😄😄,

I appreciate all your reading support and feedback and I’m glad you have been enjoying your read so far. I’ve also got great news for us, le hubs has decided to share his own part of our relationship story (can I get a shout📣📣📣!!!). I know you will love that but above all, I believe it will help to understand the huge role God played in bringing this great union together…

So now to today’s blog…

Have you ever pondered on why you ever have to wait? I have, but it seems to me that life’s best things need us to wait for them. Think about having children, you have to wait for 9 months to meet your child even after he/she is conceived. Even if you decide to adopt, it still requires a process and you have to wait for it to come through. Or think about the wait for your ordered meal, some meals require a longer waiting period than others depending on the content of the meal and preparation time. Now, most of these wait periods are quite definite or predictable and so you can decide to keep yourself occupied or busy while you wait. Although, we still get impatient at times while waiting…

However, there are some wait periods that are not defined!

And top on my list is the wait for a future partner… Hmmm, this could be a long wait or a short wait (depending on God’s plan for your life really). We all long for companionship, I mean that deep sense of belonging to someone that we can’t really get from a friend, parent, sibling or even a child; no matter how close we might be to them. The first thing God recognised as ‘not good’ was man being alone, despite the fact that HE (God) was coming to fellowship with him (man) every evening – that’s deep! Anyway, I think this explains why we all desire this sort of companionship as soon as we feel we are ready for it and for ladies, impatience could set in. Partly because we feel we just have to wait for someone to come along, it looks like there is little we can do. I mean, for guys they just need to search around for the right person (so at least they know they are on it). But for ladies, we’re just waiting and hoping someone is searching for us. This does not rule out the fact that guys wait too or get impatient.

However, one truth I would love to leave with you today is that, don’t interrupt the wait period. Interrupting the wait period, getting impatient and jumping the gun would lead to settling. And it can go two ways, you can have a broken relationship or a lifetime of misery. A broken relationship is even better, even though you’ll have to deal with the emotional pain and heart break. I interrupted the wait period twice and I thank God I got a way out. It was when I got to my wit’s end, I realised I was done trying. I was ready to wait for as long as it will take. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I was ready to wait for it, with the assurance that I was getting the best. So you’re either in the “waiting period” or “trial and error period”

I mean we are talking of the “rest of our lives” together with someone, that’s no joke. That’s worth waiting for. If we look at it from this point of view, it makes the wait worth it. I learnt a few things during my waiting period (not my trial and error period o, lol) that I’m willing to share. Remember, experience is the best teacher but try to learn from others too, don’t always be the victim. You don’t need the trial and error period, you could get burned badly (Proverbs 6:27-28).

*Be a disciple-in-waiting: Don’t just sit on the bench and join the multitude, you have to identify yourself with the best matchmaker of all. Not just for the sake of getting a spouse but because you need him all through your life. He can’t commit to you if you are not committed to him (John 2:24)

*Get busy: Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this said over and again and I’ll say it again. Don’t just sit there and assume someone with a vision will be looking for idle hands. Your idleness will get you impatient and lead you to settle. You need to find God’s purpose for you and run with it. Don’t crawl, RUN!!! (Habakkuk 2:2). He’ll pursue you.

*Prepare Yourself: You can never be overprepared, you can however be underprepared (2 Timothy 2:15) . I remember specifically being told during my waiting period to prepare myself physically and spiritually. Yes indeed  I was very non-chalant with the way I looked (blame it on my growing up mentality and what I had just gone through). I was somewhat unruffled with my appearance. I kinda thought whoever would come should like me for who I am not my looks. Well, while that is very true, we need to present ourselves approachable. But remember to be modest, adorning our inner beauty is more important than the outside (1 Peter 3:3-4). Even if the outside is very attractive to anyone, only the beauty from within will attract THE ONE!

While I acknowledge that the waiting period could be daunting, I also acknowledge that their is a friend that is ready to fill in the gap and asks you to drop your worries and burdens at His feet (Matthew. 11:28). Think about it, no amount of worries or impatience can solve the problem for real (Matthew 6:27). So on that note, let’s leave it to the one who can solve it and enjoy “The Wait”…

Yours in writing📝, PSA👓…

(featured image credit: PublicDomainPictures.net)

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