Life Update!!!

I can’t believe it’s been so long I’ve written here. I got so preoccupied with … (so many things, lol). But let’s just say I’m back. I really needed to get a few things sorted personally and ensure I was doing the right things instead of just diving into all sort of things and dropping by the road side. I have however received some really lovely feedback that reminded me of some of the reasons I started anyway. So how have I been? And what have I been up to?

I really didn’t want to get caught up in a rat-race of stats, followers, number of readers and comments etc. I just want to reach out, share some fun and experience and above all bless/inspire someone. So that’s why the break was very much needed to get a re-orientation of the entire purpose of “PSA’s Belles Gemmes“… So going forward, I would rather my post impacts and blesses one person that gaining so much audience with no impact.

Ehn, ehn, (gisting, gisting) 🙂 🙂 how have I been?

Married life has been a lot of things my people: learning, unlearning, adjusting, compromise, growing etc. In all of it, I’ve been better for it. Love is really an action word that I see daily in my home and that’s because we have both decided to learn from the Beginning and End of Love, who Himself is Love – God. This is not to excite or to make anyone feel giddy but it’s the absolute truth from my 6 months experience! I really wish we could all learn a thing or two about selflessness, humility, and submission from the life of Jesus. This isn’t about religion, it is simply the lifestyle of someone that succeeded in His mission that we can emulate.

In other news, I have had some openings and closings in this past few months too. Got a job, left after two months. Got a fully funded PhD interview which didn’t go through. All because I was trying to go round in circles. So basically, I visited my Masters’ dissertation supervisor in the uni in October, 2016 and she informed me about a fully funded PhD offer which she believed fitted my profile. The application had closed but she wanted me to send in a proposal anyway. I was a bit hesitant because I wasn’t sure PhD was the next move for me. But I obliged her and began researching and writing out my proposal. I wasn’t even sure what I was going to research about considering PhD was not in my plans. Anyway, I settled for something within the funding scope and submitted the proposal.

Fast forward to November, one day after my devotion (I was still on the couch, regurgitating on the Rhema* from my study), then I saw I missed a call. A voice message was left telling me they would like to discuss further about a job I applied for. Before the excitement kicked in, I double checked the number and company online. I then gave a call back, and was invited for an interview the following week. It was a customer service advisor role which I was quite excited about. I got the job after the interview and I got the invitation to the PhD interview the same day. What to do?

I decided to start the job after much deliberation and prayers and decision making. I really didn’t want to start a PhD yet, maybe sometime in the future but I was just going with the tide regarding that. Then I attended the PhD interview but didn’t get the offer eventually, all well and good. Back at my new job, I loved my colleagues, we became friends over the initial two weeks of training, they were very friendly and lovely indeed. But I wasn’t enjoying the job as I thought I would. If you are very close to me, you’ll know that I’ll pick my peace of mind over financial gain. So after taking almost two weeks off sometimes in January, I resigned. It was a very hard decision though as I had built a rapport with my colleagues and we were somewhat close. I went to hand in my pass and ID and I got so emotional and cried. My colleagues were upset but they understood. What matters most to me is what God wants me to do, and at that time I understood  it was to support my husband’s business and work with him.

So now, I work with Green Heart Clean and I am very satisfied and fulfilled. I love my job, I love my boss and husband… I’ve got more updates, some cooking, some ready to be served. So watch this space

I’m learning to trust the One who sees the end from the beginning and let go of my “self”

*A rhema is a verse or portion of Scripture that the Holy Spirit brings to our attention with application to a current situation or need for direction. by

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