Listen! Listen!! PLEASE Listen!!!

Yesterday, I walked into a repeat episode of an old Nigerian tv series “Egde of Paradise”. I still remember the story line and most of the plot. I watched a few scenes yesterday that brought instant tears to my eyes. On the bed was a little boy of about 10 years old whose arms were badly burnt... Continue Reading →

My Queen Mother

57 years ago, the world welcomed a gorgeous Princess into the family of Pastor Micheal Babalola Oyeyemi and Mrs Felicia Modupe Oyeyemi. She grew up knowing so much love and care and discipline from this awesome duo. So much love that her Father was even well known by the porters and hall members of her... Continue Reading →

Dear future daughter

I can't tell how I will feel when we first meet but I guess we would have 9 months to prepare ourselves for that meeting. I don't expect you to pursue my unattained goals. I don't wish you experience some of the pains I had to endure. Its alright if you look like me 🙂 but... Continue Reading →

Boarding House Woes… 

Walking past the classroom corridors with juniors and seniors avoiding you & pleading the blood of Jesus; classmates making the sign of the cross on the chair you just got up from; fearful gazes and stares in the hostel and countless sessions of prayers against you is not the ideal situation for a 10 year old away... Continue Reading →

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