Dear future daughter

I can’t tell how I will feel when we first meet but I guess we would have 9 months to prepare ourselves for that meeting.
I don’t expect you to pursue my unattained goals.
I don’t wish you experience some of the pains I had to endure.
Its alright if you look like me 🙂 but I don’t expect you to be my clone.

I want you to be YOU

I want you to pursue God’s purpose for you
I want you to enjoy your childhood and grow in a complete dose of love ❤ ❤ ❤
I understand that you will be born in the flesh and you’ll manifest some of the fruits of the selfish nature before you come to experience the power of Christ’s sacrifice

I understand the outcome of being overprotective. So I pray for wisdom to balance the care and “nosyness”.

However, forgive me if I sometimes act overprotective. I never intend to crowd your space

So I pray for grace to be a good example of a daughter, mother and friend
But my greatest desire will be for you to be like JESUS
I pray for strength to accept you for who you would be made to be and love younonetheless

And I pray your life radiates the awesomeness of Christ in all His splendour. . . #SohelpmeGod

Your mother
#bythegraceofGod #Dearfuturedaughter

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