As a young naive girl of about nine or ten years old, 'Detoun was exposed to a game (she would later know was foreplay) by her older neighbour. She didn't even understand what that meant. I mean this was in the 90s not today when a 4/5 year old is so self conscious that she stays away... Continue Reading →

I wanted to be a Single Mum!!!

Diana watched as her mum called out the orders and no one could refute it. It seemed like she was in control. Dad was never around, okay maybe once in two months or less. And when he was around, he didn't contribute much. Diana thought this was cool, I mean she was only 7 years... Continue Reading →

Seasoned Words

"Words of affirmation" is one love language I am convinced everyone needs to learn to speak. Day by day, as I realise the effect words have on me, I think of the thousand and one people out there who are put down by words spoken to them. More disturbing are the children who grow up... Continue Reading →

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