Treasure in Earthen Vessels 🏺

Belles Gemmes was birthed from my passion for children. I tend to connect with children very well and I believe there are tons of messages hidden in their silliness, naughtiness and playfulness. I take pleasure in serving them and understanding their thought process. This is because unless we have a change of heart and become like little children, we cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Often times, a lot goes wrong in child upbringing and it hurts deeply. I have seen parents take ownership of children, adults lord over children and children just left to grow until things become clear to them. Children today are parents tomorrow and the cycle goes on…

We all talk about building a strong foundation that cannot be contended with but what other foundation is stronger than the solid rock of Jesus Christ? So that’s what this blog is centred on. I’m not a parenting guru or a child psychologists or child-upbringing expert, I’m just an Earthen vessel yearning to see children grow with the greatest Treasure of all.

So join me as we ride on this learning curve.

A bientot

P. S – Belles Gemmes is French for Precious Gems 💎💎💎

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