A Message for You with πŸ’•

This is so strong on my heart tonight to share with anyone who might come across this post – YOU. Please, I plead with you to at least read and meditate on the words of the image above and this post, whether you believe or not. Then I believe God would back up His Word in your heart.

I say this because just as sure as #morning comes after every #night, so is the coming back of the Lord. So…

  • Are you standing πŸ’― with Christ?
  • Do you believe in Christ’s first coming?
  • Have you been to the cross?
  • Is your old nature buried out of sight?
  • Is the resurrected Christ living in you?
  • Are you a witness for Him? (In life, speech and deeds)
  • Is the Holy Spirit indwelling in you?
  • Are you ready for His coming back again?
  • Are you going to reign with Him when He returns to reign?

If you answer no or are unsure about any one of the above, it is time to quickly repent and plead with God to let the Complete Gospel of Christ be reinstated in your life NOW!!!

Remember that – God’s strong foundation never moves, and these words are written on it: β€œThe Lord knows those who belong to him.” Also, these words are written there: β€œEveryone who says they believe in the Lord MUST stop doing wrong.” 2 Timothy 2:19 ERV

Therefore, My final questions are:

  • Does the Lord confirm that you belong to Him?
  • Have you stopped doing wrong?

If you can confidently answer YES to the questions above, I rejoice with you but take heed so that you do not fall and continue to rest in His Will for you.

#Shalom #Takeheed #Calltoaction #Veryimportantmessage #Word #Truth #Life #Love

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