You know how you get drawn to the amazing picture of a little girl all glammed up in a matching dress with her mum tagged #minime or that cutie in a matching traditional attire with his dad and you just can’t resist loving the picture (that’s if you are not even sharing or tagging your... Continue Reading →

Why we fall out (of love)

We hear so many disheartening stories of ministries splitting, members changing churches, Facebook groups (including chistian groups) with so much drama, marriage counsellors getting divorced, group members throwing shades, gossip, malice etc. Many times happening within what we call the “body of Christ”. What is going on? What are we doing? Whom are we deceiving? Where is... Continue Reading →

Tribute to the Female Race

It is Mother’s day again and a lot of best wishes would be flying around to many mothers all around the world. Knowing we all have the best mothers... As I join the world to celebrate the specie of humanity that is forced to live through so much pressure consciously or sub-consciously; I would be... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of ma petite self

Some two-three years ago, these experiences might have gotten to me but not anymore. I don't need outside endorsement or respect or approval to define who I am. God says it, I believe it, that settles it... Chronicle 1: I walked into an office and an older woman recognises me (she knows my mum and... Continue Reading →

The Hospital in our Home

Did anyone else grow up with this book? Have you ever seen this before?   I grew up with this book and a basket of drugs (our little drugs dispensary) in the dinning room. This was the book mum would consult when we started showing sick symptoms. I vividly remember an incident when I was stooling and... Continue Reading →

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