You know how you get drawn to the amazing picture of a little girl all glammed up in a matching dress with her mum tagged #minime or that cutie in a matching traditional attire with his dad and you just can’t resist loving the picture (that’s if you are not even sharing or tagging your friends). The #minime hashtag has been frequently used to depict the joy of seeing your young one growing to look like you, dress like you or share your hobbies. I actually can’t wait to splash around a few of those in the future but here’s a twist to it…

Do you really want her to be just like you? Do you want him to go through the hard times you went through? Do you want her to make the mistakes you made? Would you love to see them get hurt by people they think care? Are you able to determine what they will become by simply trying to re-direct them from your mistakes? Can you guarantee their choices in life? So do you really want a #mini_me in the real sense of it?

I don’t…

Yes, a few dress ups, matching clothes and shoes will be nice but it has become much clearer to me as I journey on in life that the only person I’m allowed to imitate and walk in his footsteps is Jesus Christ. I’m supposed to be a #miniGod or #miniChrist. My mind, thoughts, actions, decisions, lifestyle, means, achievements, appearance, and relationships should be a reflection of Christ’s image. So I’m not sure I want a #minime in the deeper context of it (except I am totally imitating Christ in ALL). I am a disciple that is sent to make other disciples not for myself but for the Master. I would prefer a #miniChrist, then would I be fulfilling purpose. But we should keep in mind that we can’t give what we don’t have; simply put I have to be a disciple to make disciples…


Featured Image Source: Screenshots of instagram pictures of @bellanaijaweddings and @nigerianwedding

Btw: I love that little cutie’s footwear

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