Chronicles of ma petite self

Some two-three years ago, these experiences might have gotten to me but not anymore. I don’t need outside endorsement or respect or approval to define who I am. God says it, I believe it, that settles it…

Chronicle 1: I walked into an office and an older woman recognises me (she knows my mum and we look alike). Then she asked if I also went to Eduland (my primary school) as that’s where she knows my mum from. I responded in the affirmative and she said her children also attended the school. Then I asked her when they graduated and she confidently told me they were not my mates that they must have graduated long before me. Well, I couldn’t agree or disagree since I don’t know them before. But I still asked for their names just in case I knew them. As she was mentioning their names, she said they left Eduland over five years ago and added that they are already in the university.

Me: Well, I left Eduland in 1999 ma.

Woman: (utterly surprised) haaa, my children were probably just in kindergarten.

Director of the Office:  (who has been quietly following the conversation) She is a graduate o, and she has even finished her Masters (referring to me)

Woman: Ha, I didn’t know o. She is not their mate at all.

Me: (just smiling and thinking there is no need to be upset with ma petite self, I’m just embracing it and allowing people to assume I am younger than I really am)…

Chronicle 2: Just walking out of the hospital on a visit and a man greeted me by the entrance

Man: Welldone madam

Me: Thank you sir

Nurse: Eleyi o n se madam o, sisi ma ni (She is not a madam but a young girl)

Me: (pays no attention to her and keeps going)

I just wonder the need for the comment. He was simply greeting me and nothing more. Maybe she was trying to make a point that she was older than me. Not that I was denying that fact as I have greeted her very respectfully earlier when she resumed.

More of ma petite chronicles will be updated in the future.

You just enjoy your weekend while I rock ma petite self for a few more years (hopefully)

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