Seasoned Words


“Words of affirmation” is one love language I am convinced everyone needs to learn to speak. Day by day, as I realise the effect words have on me, I think of the thousand and one people out there who are put down by words spoken to them.

More disturbing are the children who grow up in an environment of negativity and can’t even express their emotional challenges. God encourages us to ensure our words are seasoned with salt. This means we should take time to season our thoughts before they become words. Most especially the words spoken to children.

The words you speak to a young heart stays with them longer than even you remember. It contributes a great deal to the making or marring of their emotionally health. Especially if you play a vital role in the child’s life (as a parent, teacher, guardian or sibling). Make it a point of duty to encourage, praise and lift up a child’s spirit with your words today. Let’s see what PSA has to say about this in the video below…

●Process your thoughts to become seasoned words
●Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

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