I wanted to be a Single Mum!!!

Diana watched as her mum called out the orders and no one could refute it. It seemed like she was in control. Dad was never around, okay maybe once in two months or less. And when he was around, he didn’t contribute much. Diana thought this was cool, I mean she was only 7 years old. Unlike other children who talked about mum allowing something and dad saying no; her mum seemed to have the final say and she got to have her way.

How she wished she could also have such freedom when she grows up. Be the sole decision maker in her home with no one lording over her. That’s called being a single mum, right? Super cool!!!


Are you surprised at the little girls wish? Well, it’s not fiction, it’s reality. I have switched the names for the sake of this post but Diana really wanted to be a single mum. She thought it would come with so much fun and control; naively ignorant of theĀ emotional baggage and double stress it came with. Unfortunately,Ā she could never have known better at such a young age growing up in such an environment. Today Diana has embraced the joy of relationships and hopesĀ to be a better example of marriage to her children together with her future husband.

Although her mum was struggling with managing the home all alone and also dealing with her emotional struggles, she came across as being authoritative and this sent a wrong signal of “the ideal”Ā to Diana. Thoughts like this fill the hearts of children growing up in broken homes and they grow up with the wrong mentality. Not everyone of them are fortunate enough to embrace the joy of healthy relationships and be healed of the pains of the past. A lot more continue the circle and even want all the control if they eventually get into a relationship.

A big shout out to single mums out there struggling to give their little ones the best of them through the hurdles. They can’t walk the journey without our love and support always. Let’s reach out to them for not giving up and help give their little ones the best of love and life. Hugs to all single parentsĀ cause I can only imagineĀ the struggle…

One of the biggest lessons here is that the fact that our parents had to endure some thingsĀ doesn’t make it the ideal situation. Let’s be open to learning daily. God’s grace is sufficient for us.


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