As a young naive girl of about nine or ten years old, ‘Detoun was exposed to a game (she would later know was foreplay) by her older neighbour. She didn’t even understand what that meant. I mean this was in the 90s not today when a 4/5 year old is so self conscious that she stays away from boys. ‘Detoun considered this a kind of play reserved for just a few very close friends. It was only played between boys and girls, just like her teacher’s class quizzes between boys and girls. This was different though, as they had to watch a few demonstrations on the television before practice. The only clause to playing this game though is that you don’t tell any grown ups. They are known to stop all the fun.

The teenage years fast crept in and in with puberty and the hormones and a longing for more of that game. ‘Detoun first understood the game she was introduced to in her JSS3 Basic Science class when they were being taught Human reproduction. Then it hit her as her teacher practically explained into details. Oh my!!! Was she still her virgin? Had she lost her most priced possession? Then another reality hit her, she didn’t have real intercourse, it was just foreplay so she was safe (or so she thought). Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. She would soon start having unusual urges, desires and even dreams.

The urges, the desires, the longings grew stronger and she had a hard time keeping chaste. Somewhere at the back of her mind, she wanted to remain pure for God and her future husband but her mind was thoroughly polluted. She had even tried calming her urges with porn. At the age of 15 she was on quite a number of yahoo chat rooms that talked dirty. At least, if she couldn’t get the real thing, she could picture it. She narrowly escaped three attempts of actual intercourse. Sadly, she had absolutely no one to share all this with.

Until 2006 when she attended a program, she had struggled so hard with this, prayed and so much more. But she came out to the altar to surrender her addiction to God. She cried hard and left it at her makers feet. She was resolved to end this drama between her flesh and spirit and she got her miracle. The unusual desires ceased, she seemed to have a lot more control over the feelings that occasionally swam through the ocean of her thoughts. It wasn’t her again, it was the grace of God. She was doing a lot more better and God was taking over her thought life. It wasn’t easy though.

Her weakness was taken advantage of by a “Christian leader” she thought she could open up to,

She slipped along the way in a very wrong relationship but she didn’t fall because God was holding her,

She knew now the essence of not being unequally yoked nor standing in the way of sinners, nor walking in the counsel of the ungodly,

She knew now the need to walk with people of like minds,

She knew by now, how much strength she had in Christ,

She understands the need for a campaign like this to encourage others, who like her might not have the courage to share their fears,

She might have slipped in the past, but she is standing strong today by God’s grace.

She decided to wait, in honour of her Father whose temple her body is,

She decided to wait, for her fiancé who can also wait

She decided to wait, for her beloved husband who will cherish her beyond her body,

She decided to wait, for her offspring who will look up to her …..

She is Princesse Sophie Atinuke



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    1. Spread the word bro. Young people need to know, they need to be inspired and to know that they are not alone. . .


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