“Flesh-to-flesh-touch-me-I-touch-you” games!!!

It is pretty shocking and alarming the subtle way sex and it’s desires are creeping into the hearts of children. Infact, it is being introduced as simple games that the naive children innocently begin to practice. I shared an experience of such in my last blog post and Adebowale Ibukun Tosin titled it ‘flesh-to-flesh-touch-me-I-touch-you’ game. It is therefore very important we help save the next generation. Stella Eyuruntela Ashe started a Facebook campaign that has brought to limelight the values behind waiting till marriage before indulging in any sexual practices. Stella has already given her voice to God to use to once again re-iterate the essence of waiting with her campaign #ICANWAIT. Let’s join the campaign and promote purity. This is indeed a State of Emergency

It is so sad that more that half of young adults have experienced a kind of molestation or the other. Even sadder is the fear it comes with and the negative (sometimes lasting but for LOVE & GRACE) impact it leaves. We can lend our voices to the younger generation especially to help stop child molestation and abuse. We can put a stop to this by early sensitization and sex education. Below are five body safety rules compiled by http://www.themamabeareffect.org/ . They also have amazing resources to help with sex education and teaching children to understand their body.

Every child needs to understand, as early in life as they understand what you are saying to them, that their bodies need to be protected and they need to take charge of whatever happens to it. Above all, exemplify the LOVE of Christ to your little ones and let them find love in Christ, then they will be protected beyond any measure of doubt. You can also watch the video below for more on the gentle touch that speaks volumes.


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