My Queen Mother

57 years ago, the world welcomed a gorgeous Princess into the family of Pastor Micheal Babalola Oyeyemi and Mrs Felicia Modupe Oyeyemi. She grew up knowing so much love and care and discipline from this awesome duo. So much love that her Father was even well known by the porters and hall members of her university in University of Ife back in the days.

She literally borrowed many leaves from both her parents and grew to become a disciplinarian herself beginning with her siblings. She was like a mother-hen to her amazing younger ones. She understood the fact that they all needed to be successful in life even though she was the first. This is reflected in her amazing siblings whom I would later come to know as my uncles and aunties.

Married to Pastor Samuel Adebowale Amoo, she continued her sojourn in life. This union produced four great nations of which I am the first. I have known this woman all my life and I can tell you words cannot quantify the depth of sacrifices, love and care she has poured out. I sometimes wonder where she gets her strength from. I knew I could not even think of messing around as a child.

At times, when I want to question some of the things I felt she shouldn’t have done or some of the extremities in her discipline, I am reminded of the reasons behind her actions, the pains behind the smile. I looked closely at her once and wished I could just wipe away all the pain and hurt and give her another life to re-live. I might not be able to go into many details but believe me when I say this woman is the real deal.

One incidence that resonates in my memory was a situation in secondary school when I was ill after exams. It was not uncommon to find many students faking illness in boarding schools to get a sick exit especially after exams. Unfortunately I was really ill and the school nurse thought I was faking it. She kept giving me pain relievers until the condition worsened. It was over a week when my case got to the Senior matron (after a senior boy had to carry me from the clinic floor to the hostel) that she instantly wrote an exit for me and sent me home. By this time, I was semi-gone and I already smelt rotten from inside. One of the last things I heard while being whisked into the ward was my mum on the phone to the vice-principal and she said…

“This is Abiola Amoo’s mother. Just pray nothing happens to my daughter because if anything does you would regret it”.

I was too weak to show any reaction but I knew I was comforted with that love.

She is like cold water on a sun scorched day. She is a mother hen that turns wild if you try to hurt any of her young. She would deny all to give us ALL. She is a rare gem. A mother in Isreal. She is my mother and today is her birthday. Although she is growing younger, she has journeyed through life for 57 years.

Join me in celebrating the QUEEN in my life…

Today, I celebrate a rare gem.

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      1. Tinu dear, you said it all. Mom is truly ‘Mother in Israe’ . Your secret is safe with her. She intercede on your behalf, she comfort, counsel and committed to your course. Her discipline is suberb. Her love & care cannot be quantity. Her commitment & dedication to God & HIS Service is First & Foremost. She love GOD sooooooooooo much. Her labour in GOD’S vineyard shall be rewarded by the Master HIMSELF. Love you today Dns (Dr) Bosede Amoo as we celebrate GOD’S Faithfulness. Epee fun wa ni oruko JESU.


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