A Shoulder to Lean on

“Lean on me when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend I’ll help you carry on”

So, I’ll be getting married in a a few weeks (Whoop! Whoop!!) and the lyrics of this song by Bill Withers (I’ve only just checked for the name of the singer, lol) literally describes our relationship. Yesterday, I shared the feature image above on Instagram as one of my favourites with my dearest and it’s because of the circumstances around it which I promised to share on my blog.

This was a few days after I gave my positive response to Mon beau in the evening on the 16th of September, 2014 somewhere in the car park of Sainsbury’s Loughborough and he literally lifted me up in excitement. Anyways, he asked me to join him to an award dinner in an organisation he worked with and I obliged. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling my best that evening.

Let me quickly tell you about my health at this point. I usually get tension headaches whenever I get stressed. I mean, it’s not your usual kind of stress o. Once I’ve had two – three days of missed sleeps, my eyes starts to feel heavy and a side of my head gradually starts aching. No matter the amount of pain killers I take, the total cure would be when I get adequate rest to ease the pain. Or sometimes, if I’ve been doing a lot of intellectual work, my head starts aching too.

So it was the evening of the dinner, it started lightly. Maybe it was the excitement, or maybe I had worked myself up the day before, I really can’t remember but the tension headache grew worse by the time. I felt so heavy headed and although, it was a beautiful event, I was so uncomfortable. Mon beau tried to make me take some fluid and offered his shoulders for me to lean on. It might have felt like the right thing to do to him, but it signified even more to me.

It told me he would always be a shoulder I can lean on. It assured me that I could open up my weakest side to him without fear of criticism or rejection. It encouraged me to open up my heart to him and I did. It melted away all my fears and all the “what ifs?”. And even though we had two years of long distance relationship ahead, all uncertainties jumped out and I was ready to go all the way.

It hasn’t been easy, I must confess. Being miles apart and not being able to just spend time together as others do in relationships can be daunting but we had to face it. But now that the end is in sight, I can say it was worth the wait.

Don’t ever give up on what you have to do! Especially when God places something in your heart. He never makes mistakes, wherever He leads just follow. That’s the best decision you can make. No matter the uncertainties, strive on and your joy will be full.

5 thoughts on “A Shoulder to Lean on

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  1. Beautiful write up. Congratulations to you both. May you always be a shoulder that you can both lean on, above all, you can both lean on God.
    Thank God for seeing you both through your long distance courtship. Not long to go for both of you to be united.

    Happy married life in advance.


  2. What do I say? I am so grateful to God, so glad and excited that this led to something that is for a life time. Remembering all those moments of friendships and “I thought I had hoped in her” makes me smile. I can’t contain my joy and gladness and yes! Nothing is impossible for God to do. #Tunke I can’t wait!!!!!!!


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