Childhood love at first sight

This handsome lad #cousin of mine awed me on Friday. He is growing with some very nice manners lacking in a few men out there.
He is a very intelligent four year old who stood up for me when his mum (my aunt) was trying to bully me into giving her some of my food. She playfully spanked me but he didn’t take it lightly. He was close to tears and went after her to warn her not to hit me again. His words

“Why do you like beating, don’t beat her again now. What did she do for you”

This young boy knows he has to stand up for a lady and is against any form of abuse (even if it’s a joke)

He met a little girl at the graduation ceremony we attended and immediately put on his gentleboy hat.

Let’s rewind to when he arrived with his mum and he needed the toilet. I offered to take him to the gents as a nice aunty/big cousin. Let’s just say things didn’t go as quietly as I envisaged. I mean, what could go wrong with taking a four year old to the gent? Well, a lot can and a lot more actually happened. I had my “not so comfy” heels on and that was my impairment. The moment we stepped out of the hall to go find the toilets, little man decided to practice for the Olympics. He put on his bolting gear and off he went, in between small crowds of people, wiggling his way around like he was in a competition. We managed to find the toilet and then we had to go back. He went past our entrance and continued to sprint. I just could not keep up with him in my heels but tried to follow him with my eyes. This didn’t solve much as he went straight into a curve and I didn’t quite get which turn he took. I said a quick prayer and out of an entrance he came again. I was getting exhausted. I tried my strict face and told him off but he just wouldn’t bulge. And then finally, he threw our entrance pass over the railing downstairs (We were on the first floor). I couldn’t cry, thank God someone offered to bring it up for us. I literally dragged him with my heels back into the hall when I retrieved the pass. Whoops. What an experience with an over energetic four year old!

Now he met a little girl and immediately calmed down. He offered her our programme and sat next to her. When we tried to get the programme back, he said “But I just want her to read it now. Ahn ahn. Let me sit with her”. We didn’t even hear much from him util the end of the programme when the girl left with her mum. He stopped running around and even wanted to go with her home. He was sad she had to go but we showed him the picture of them we took and he was so excited.

If this was a movie, they would meet sometime in the future and become best friends and maybe even become a couple. Well, this is real and they may never meet and if they do meet, they won’t possibly remember this moment again.


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