Letter to My Teenage Self – Small Beginnings

I recently wrote an article for current students of my secondary school as part of a project by my set mates to give back to our Alma Mata. This reminded me of some of the teenage challenges often faced which makes us feel like we are at the end of our rope/life/situation but the teenage season is just the beginning – the Small Beginning. I then decided to share an abridged version of the article as a letter to my teenage self.

Dear Biola,

You are not alone on this journey! Yes, it sometimes feels like you are walking a lone path but many of your mates are walking similar paths on different journeys. I can see you struggling in your new school but your efforts are proving counterproductive. You are constantly in tears and move around with a heavy heart. Every effort to impress or make you feel among is misinterpreted. It seems too much for your tiny self but if only you could take a glimpse into what lays ahead of you, you would worry less.

You have had some sour experiences that is now clouding your judgement and making you feel inadequate, unloved and even unworthy of love. But if only you can rise above all these and recreate the image being formed. This is not the end Biola, it’s just your beginning, Your small beginning. If only you could take a glimpse into the glorious journey ahead, you would be beaming with excitement.

It doesn’t matter if you are the least known or least beautiful or least attractive, this is just the beginning – The Small Beginning. You are on a journey that isn’t going to end in BMHS and what you make of yourself outside of those walls and whoever you become would outlast these sour moments. If only you could take a peep and see the beautiful soul being prepared for you to be married to, you would be leaping for joy.

Your story is just beginning, let the Best Friend of all time write the script. Let Him carry you through this phase into His Grace. He will wipe your tears and order your steps in His Will. It might not seem like the fun things your mates are involved in but it is the only lasting experience. It is not too early to commit to Him, it will save you from lots of uncertainty, trials and errors in the coming years. If only you could picture the beautiful big brown eyes and sticky tongue of the handsome first fruit of your womb, you would be bursting with love.

You feel you are just too young to suffer so much emotional pain and feelings of neglect. It is all a part of the Big picture, you are just at the small beginning. God created you for a purpose, to be a shining light and to be a beacon of hope in a fallen and hopeless world. If no one else believes in you, believe in God. God believes in you. He has the best plan for your life. Determine to make a positive impact in your generation and run with this vision. Study hard, work hard, play hard and pray hard. Let the joy of the Lord strengthen you and you would attract positivity.

Stop sulking and feeling sorry for yourself. Let Jesus take the wheels, hand over the reins and let Him lead you along. I can’t tell you all that lies ahead, I can’t tell you it will be all rosy, I can’t tell you all the details but I can tell you that with God, you’re getting the best.

Yours in the future,

Ati Sobola.

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