Dreams come true (I)


I didn’t feel any attraction to him? What if he’s the one? Could it be that I’m having too many expectations? “Oh, Lord give me a sign. I’m ready to submit to your will…”

And then the dream – it was a clear answer to my simple prayer. 👌 I saw myself visiting the family of a man. He introduced me to his parents as his fiancée. They were so welcoming and accepted me. He had a younger sister who was so loving and even gave me her money when I was leaving. I had peace, but who was this man? Clearly it was not Tayo*, the brother from fellowship whom I called up to wish a happy birthday as a member of the welfare team, who picked interest in me.

So like Mary (Luke 2:51) I treasured these things in my heart.


Loosing my dad and going through a heart wrenching breakup barely three weeks into moving to Loughborough, UK didn’t seem like the best start to my new life. With no friends and no one to confide in (save for my sister/cherished friend), I decided to devote myself to a study of God’s word and building my relationship with Him. At least, that was the only assurance I had of the future (as bleak as it seemed).

So on the 8th of Nov., 2013 after dropping the final call from Alex*, and mourning the loss of what I thought was my future with him; I tore the last of our picture together from the frame on my reading table, had a thorough shower (sort of washing away what was left of the relationship) and got ready for the vigil. I was earlier invited to this vigil by a certain Pastor Joe (whom I would come to know as the pastor of GVC, Loughborough). I had gotten a text from him that the bus pick-up would be starting from my end and the bus would be driven by Samson. Okay, I didn’t know anyone so I’ll just wait at the bus stop and expect the 🚌.

I didn’t really take note of the people we picked up on the way as they all fell into easy, happy, conversation. If only they knew what I’ve just been through. I wished I could genuinely smile and be happy but I was soaked in a depth of sorrow only God could wash away. Maybe that’s why I was dragging myself to that vigil. I listened through the vigil and I felt a  warmth begin to wrap around my heart melting some of the ice.

People with testimonies were asked to see Minister Seye behind the church to register their names. I don’t know what pulled me up from my seat to look for Minister Seye, but I found myself waiting to talk to her.

What testimony did I have? I just lost what I thought was dearest to me. Why was I even here? But I felt compelled to share my pains (this would in turn become my greatest gain)…

to be continued (👈 click for continuation) 

*some names have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved. 

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